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Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at the same time......



Done Deals(DD).......2014

  • Supply of shipping containers to a Hong Kong company.......(10/1/14)
  • Commissioning of a PP Woven Bag Packaging Machinery in Mozambique......(20/3/14)


Work in Progress (WIP)

  • Sourcing and supplying Multi-Tempereture-Controlled trailers to Pakistan.
  • Sourcing and supplying DE10a Locomotives to two Southern African Countries.
  • Acquisation of a Turn-Key Brake Pads Making Plant from Taiwan.for UK Operations.
  • Feasibility studies to set up two Hydro- Power Generation plants in Southern African Countries

Research & Development(R&D)

  • Feasibility Studies and inquiries involving a German Company to set up a Solar Thermal Power Plant in UK using  CPS Technology.


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