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RidgeTech Global Trading was incorporated in England and Wales in 2012. It is headquartered in Luton,Bedfordshire.

The company was founded mainly on the principle,concept and desire to bridge the technological and infrastructural developmental gap existing between 'first world' economies and emerging economies, particularily in Southern Africa.

To this end, the company endeavours to be involved in infrastructure development projects and financial consultancy to promote and stimulate economic growth and development, mainly focusing in the following sectors : 

  • Power Generation,
  • Transportation,
  • Information Technology 
  • Manufacturing and
  • Process Engineering

By facilitating and developing sustainable 'smart partnerships' among businesses and governments across the gobal village, our portfolio now embraces the systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets cost effectively. We always work to, understand our clients' needs, offer informed advice and execute strategies to generate better returns and provide world-class client solutions.

We have established a representative office in the Republic of China as a vital link for coordinating, promoting and growing our business portfolio in the whole of Asia.

The company has also recently opened an office in the Republic of Mozambique,this location will operate as the headquters for Southern Africa operations.

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Done Deals(DD).......2014

  • Supply of shipping containers to a Hong Kong company.......(10/1/14)
  • Commissioning of a PP Woven Bag Packaging Machinery in Mozambique......(20/3/14)


Work in Progress (WIP)

  • Sourcing and supplying Multi-Tempereture-Controlled trailers to Pakistan.
  • Sourcing and supplying DE10a Locomotives to two Southern African Countries.
  • Acquisation of a Turn-Key Brake Pads Making Plant from Taiwan.for UK Operations.
  • Feasibility studies to set up two Hydro- Power Generation plants in Southern African Countries

Research & Development(R&D)

  • Feasibility Studies and inquiries involving a German Company to set up a Solar Thermal Power Plant in UK using  CPS Technology.


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